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Dates Scheduled Email

Dear Father Bruce,
Praised be Jesus and Mary!

We have tentatively scheduled the Missionary Image for a Visitation to you as her Guardian from January 6- 30, 2017. The Visitation will be confirmed after we receive your Commitment Email (linked below) by which you commit to the terms of the Visitation.

Our Lady chose you as her Guardian! Thank you for your sacrifice and prayerful preparation, expect many blessings!

Our Lady of Guadalupe through the Missionary Image journeys throughout America in the New Evangelization to convert hearts and save souls from the torrent of materialism, secularism and the contraceptive/ abortion /euthanasia mentality that reflects our Culture of Death. She is helping to bring conversions and to build a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love. That is why your preparation for her Visitation is so important!

As the Guardian of the Image, if you have not already done so, please review the online document How to Host a Visitation link, familiarize yourself with the information and materials that we sent you and that we will send you and the information in the following links:

When you accompany the Missionary Image throughout the Visitation, you speak for our apostolate and for Our Lady. You, or someone chosen by you, should prepare thoroughly to explain Our Lady of Guadalupe, her Missionary Image and her Mission.

Many unborn children are saved through Our Lady’s intercession. We recommend the apostolic action of a lawful, Peaceful, Prayerful Presence at abortion centers. Please schedule this as a part of your Visitation to help to convert mothers and abortion supporters and to end abortion. Link here to peaceful prayer presences document

Please appoint your Guardian Team and meet regularly to prayerfully prepare for your Visitation.

Inviting is essential to a grace-filled Visitation, Our Lady wants to reach as many people as she can. Please have your Team prepare a list of at least 20 people that they will reach out to and invite to your events.

Please help prepare hearts for Our Lady by promoting and selling the religious goods that we will send to you on consignment.

We also beg you to help support our apostolate by active fundraising, collections and the placement of the Petition and Donation basket before the Missionary Image. The latter is a traditional form of prayer and almsgiving. Donations help to support, to educate and to enable Our Lady to continue her Journey. We trust in God’s providence, but He wants our human cooperation.

If pastors prohibit donation solicitations, please ask them for a direct donation from the church. If pastors prohibit sales of religious goods in church, please ask for permission to sell them in the parish center. This is not commercialization, it is evangelization! The spiritual benefits from Visitations abound, but we need the material means to continue them.

Please fill out your Commitment Letter link.  and email it to us within one week in order to confirm your dates.

Please review the Certificate of Parish Membership Link -Lori it is below. Please print it, fill it out and obtain the signature on the Certificate. You may scan and return it to us by email, fax or by mail within 14 days. After receiving your Parish Membership, Certificate we will email you a Confirmation Letter. Please keep in mind that if we do not receive the Commitment Letter and the Certificate or a phone call from you within 14 days, we may reschedule the Image. The Commitment Letter must be sent even if you have telephoned your acceptance.

Please do everything in your power to help Our Lady save souls. She needs you and has chosen you! She is a merciful mother and she says to us, as she said to Saint Juan Diego, “Do the best that you can”.  Keep up the good work! Thank you for saying “yes” to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Yours in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,