Dan’s Visits

Experience has taught our Apostolates to request that our needs be met and that you provide the following for Visitations of Dan with or without a Missionary Image.

1. Liturgical services should be planned around Dan’s Visit and talks, such as Rosary, Mass or Benediction.

2. Expenses for Dan’s (and Image, if applicable) travel by plane and/or auto at IRS allowable rate plus airport parking fees. We will make the travel and shipping arrangements and tell you the cost. These expenses must be prepaid by check or credit card. Please provide contact information for the person to receive Dan and the person to receive and return the Image.

3. Offerings for speaking are usually at least $750 per talk (less than ½ of fees charged by many other Catholic speakers) or $1200 per day with a maximum of 2 talks per day. Offerings must be given directly to Dan at the end of the day.

4. Lodging and meals must be provided at a hotel with a credit card number imprint for them on deposit with the hotel. Please provide the contact information for lodging.

5. A Religious Goods table with a volunteer staff must be provided. We will ship the goods for you to display, sell and return to us. Please provide contact information for the person to receive and return the goods.

Dan Lynch Store

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Post Traumatic Abortion Survivor

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