Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Chastisement Prophecies of Jesus King of All Nations

The purpose of God’s chastisements is not to condemn us but to redeem those He loves. Both Isaiah and Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem for its sins (see Isaiah 1 and Jeremiah 1). These were prophecies of chastisements that were fulfilled.

Jesus also prophesied another destruction of Jerusalem that was fulfilled with the deaths of tens of thousands by the Roman General Titus in the year 70 A.D. This too was a prophecy of a chastisement that was fulfilled. (See Lk. 21:5-6; 20-24). Many innocent people were killed in all of these destructions.

The purpose of God’s chastisements is not destruction but re-construction. He wants to bring us to repentance and conversion to Him and His divine mercy of the forgiveness of our sins. Chastisements are not to consume us, but to purify us. They are not to condemn us, but to redeem us.

Jesus King of All Nations said that He must chastise us “in order to save the greater number.” Chastisements are not an end, but a chance for a new beginning. We can bring this new beginning through His prayers, His medal and the sacraments of Confession and Eucharist.

Jesus King prophesied the chastisement of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004 that killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. (Journal 310-313). It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

Five years later, the Haitian earthquake struck on January 12, 2010. It killed almost 100,000 people, injured about 220,000 and made at least 1.5 million people homeless with 250,000 residences and about 30,000 commercial buildings severely damaged.

Jesus King of All Nations gave a consoling message five days after this devastating tragedy which explained the sacrifice of the Haitians and why He allows such natural disasters.

He said, “Their sacrifice will not only help to secure their salvation but will also call down My Great Mercy upon their nation and the world. I allow such things in nature to serve My Divine Plan of Love, to help awaken the consciences of souls and thereby to turn their hearts and minds to Me, their God and Savior and also to allow them to participate in My Redemptive Act by sharing in My sufferings. I tell you though, sorrows, such as these and yet greater hang over the nations of the world because of the enormity of sin and outright denial and even hatred of Me, the One True God. If you do not convert and return to me I will punish you My children because I love you and wish to correct you.” (Journal 351-353).

The Great Chastisement

On June 6, 2011, Jesus King of All Nations prophesied a Great Chastisement about to fall upon this sinful world in order to “correct the conscience of mankind as a whole”. This Chastisement will be an act of His Perfect Justice tempered by His Infinite Mercy. He said:

My Sacred, Kingly and Eucharistic Heart which burns as a conflagration of Divine Love for mankind urges Me on to Mercy, yet the weightiness of mankind’s sins compels My Perfect Justice to be poured out…

Until the heart of man changes, the world will not and cannot change. Greater and greater will be the catastrophes in nature which itself rebels against the sinfulness of the children of men. The earth itself writhes in horror at the weight of corruption and uncleanness it supports. It cries out for justice against its inhabitants.

Violence, wars and hatred will grow yet greater until finally mankind will bring upon himself a great punishment, then will follow the chastisement that will fall directly from Heaven. Heed My warnings oh My people. Turn from your sinful ways at last before it is truly too late.

Embrace My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for it is a great Mercy given by your God for these most perilous times. Contained within it are gems of all-manner of grace given through the mediation of My Immaculate Mother. Graces of forgiveness, healing and renewal of minds and hearts. Why are My people not taking advantage of this gift of Mine? (Journal 366, 372, 375-376).

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