Catholic Mother Loves Her Neighbor and Stands Up to Militant Muslim Hackers

A mother of two calmly confronted the militant Muslim hacker murderers in England. She attributed her courage to her Catholic faith.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennet said, “I live my life as a Christian. I believe in thinking about others and loving thy neighbor. We all have a duty to look after each other. A whole group of people walking towards those guys would have found it easy to take those weapons out of their hands. But me, on my own, I couldn’t.”

Mrs. Loyau-Kennet was traveling on a bus when she saw a man lying in the road. She immediately got out to help him.

She said, “I took his arm to feel his pulse. There was blood on the pavement where he had been dragged and blood was pouring out of him. Suddenly this excited black man came up to me and said, ‘Get away from the body; don’t touch it.’ I looked up and I could see red hands, a bloodied revolver, bloodied meat cleaver and a butcher’s knife. OK, I thought, this is bad.”

Mrs Loyau-Kennet remained with the soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, despite an onlooker advising her to move away. She said, “I told her I wasn’t leaving; as long as I don’t see professionals here, I’m staying. He knows me; he knows I’m calm. I’m not afraid whatsoever. I’ll stay until something happens.”

Eternal rest grant unto Lee, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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