Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

An Unholy and Demonic Grammy Awards and Superbowl

There was a sign of our Culture of Death, as St. John Paul II called it, at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards on February 5.

Two men, one of whom identifies as “non-binary”, and the other who identifies as a “woman”, were both dressed in apparently demonic-like costumes. Sam wore a red patent-leather-textured outfit and Kim wore a red mini dress and matching boots and gloves.

The two of them performed the song Unholy on a stage with dancers. The song speaks of infidelity between a couple involving “unholy” behavior at a strip club. The singers used whips to whip the dancers into and out of a caged setting.

Another sign of our Culture of Death was the Superbowl appearance of “superstar” singer Rihanna, who was the half-time star this year. She appeared in a similar red outfit and danced some bumps while rubbing her genital area with her right hand. Then, with the same hand, she wiped it across her mouth. (Please excuse my graphic description, but the video is even more shocking).

Another sign of our Culture of Death, is the Satanic Temple’s announcement of its opening of a free abortion clinic in New Mexico. The group says that its online clinic will provide abortion pills by mail to those “who wish to perform the Satanic Temple’s religious abortion ritual.”  (Source).

In his pride and arrogance, Satan is showing his face more and more and most people are asleep. This is a chastisement that God is allowing because of the sins of our Culture of Death.

It is a prelude before the Universal Warning to correct the consciences of mankind, followed by the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the crushing of his head.

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