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9/11 Remembered with Our Lady of Guadalupe

9/11 Remembered with Our Lady of Guadalupe

                                                                                                           Dan Lynch
On 9/11, 1999, I stood in Battery Park, New York City, at the tip of Manhattan Island in the shadows of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. I was a speaker at a Day of Prayer for Peace. The organizers tried to plan the event for September 8, Our Lady’s birthday. However, the only day that it could be held was on 9/11.
On that prophetic day, two years before The Attack on America, the Day of Prayer for Peace began when sixteen Christian ships sailed up the East River of New York City. It was the first World Marian Regatta. We carried various images and statues of Our Lady past the former Twin Towers towards the United Nations building. The flagship Excalibur (the name of King Arthur’s sword) led the fleet with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on its deck.   
When the ships reached the waters near the United Nations building, all nations were consecrated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mother of All Nations, and Jesus King of All Nations.
Jan, one of our supporters, recently gave us a Summer Campaign donation of $1000 in honor of her late husband Tom. I have changed their names to protect their anonymity.
Tom and Jan were on the bridge of the Excalibur with the full-size images of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jesus King of All Nations. Jan wrote,

Tom was so proud and honored to sit high up on the bridge of the ship holding Our Lady of Guadalupe in her Missionary Image. He loved her so much and I know she came to take him home to Jesus. Thank you Dan for all you do for Our Lady and her babies. God bless you, Jan.

A sad and chastened America is still in need of the gift of solace to be consoled from the horror of The Attack on America. We should continue to pray for the solace of the families of the victims, the eternal rest of the souls of the dead, the wisdom of our leaders and the conversion of Militant Jihadist Muslims.
Perhaps God’s justice, through the hands of malevolent terrorists, was brought to us because of our Culture of Death with its sexual promiscuity and legalized abortions, embryonic experimentation and false same-sex unions. God may have allowed this chastisement because of our failure to trust in Him and His ways, contrary to our national motto, “In God We Trust”. Like the emergency phone number of 911, it was an emergency wake-up call for America.
We must listen to the call of Our Lady, our modern day prophet, to repent, convert, pray, fast and receive the sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist. Then we will be reconciled with God – the God who loves us and doesn’t want our condemnation but our salvation. (See John 3:17).
Later in the Day of Prayer for Peace, I spoke to thousands in Battery Park and urged them to pray the Rosary and hope for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Era of Peace that she promised us at Fatima. The day concluded with a Mass followed by Benediction and a candlelight procession with the Blessed Sacrament around the perimeter of Battery Park.
Now, 18 years later, as America suffers from increased violence, mayhem and murders of the innocent, let this day and every day be a Day of Prayer for Peace and may we cling to our rosaries asking the intercession of the Queen of Peace for God’s great gift of peace.