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#77, A Signpost from Jesus King of All Nations

#77, A Signpost from Jesus King of All Nations

                                                                                                                              Dan Lynch
Recently I saw an amazing signpost from Jesus King of All Nations.
I was driving on an Interstate highway through a southern state, I was
thinking about a great celebration of faith that occurred at Manila in
the Philippines in 1994 when I spoke on a stage before a congregation of
over 1 million people.
We were celebrating the feast day of Our
Lady of Guadalupe and the event began with a nationally televised
procession of 75 large numbered statues of Our Lady, ending with the two
images of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jesus King
of All Nations. Jesus was last bearing the number 77. It looked like He
had a football jersey on.

As I recalled this event, I started praying to Jesus, “That
was a great celebration and I was so happy that you bore the double
perfect number of 77. Seven is the perfect number and you doubled it as a
sign of your two perfect divine and human natures! Well done Jesus!
Don’t ever let me forget to call #77 in an emergency.”

as I said that last sentence in my prayer, I looked past my wife out
the car window and saw a road sign. It said, “In an Emergency Call #
77.” It did not say, “Call 911.” It said, “Call #77”, the double perfect
number of Jesus King All Nations.

is always listening to our thoughts and prayers and waits for our call.
But don’t wait for an emergency to call upon Him, you can call upon Him
now, just like I did, and He will be there for you!
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