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35th Anniversary of the First Vision of Jesus, King of All Nations

On October 14, 1993, I had a lengthy interview with the Mystic Secretary of the Devotion. She explained to me her first vision of Jesus, King of All Nations.  She said,

It was on December 17, 1988, that Our Lord first came to me as Jesus, King of All Nations. I was just sitting, in the afternoon, sitting and writing in my Journal as usual and Our Lord came and stood about 2 feet in front of me. This was the first time that I had seen Him like this, at least that’s the best my poor memory can gather. Jesus said, “I desire that an image be made according to the vision of me you have seen.”

This was an intellectual vision that I saw from within, not with my physical eyes. But, how can I describe it? He gives the degree to which you perceive the vision and when He came that one time, December 17, I saw Him more clearly than I would with my physical eyes. That’s the only way I can describe it. Detail, color, smile, expression, everything, and yet I didn’t have to use my physical eyes. My eyes were open, but somehow, in a strange way it seemed, I could close my eyes and still see Him, but I don’t know how because we are made of body and spirit. It helped to keep my eyes open because He was before me. I could still see the things that were before my eyes like the room, but they didn’t distract me from the vision. I was interiorly focused on the vision, although I could still see the room. I was not in ecstasy and I was aware of my surroundings. I was completely aware and He stood there and it was one of the gentlest expressions I’ve ever seen.

First of all, He came as a King which was the first time I’d seen Him as such with a large gold crown on His head, a white tunic, the red mantle draped over His arms, His scepter in His right hand, and His Sacred Heart showing. A very interesting aspect of it was at that time He had rings on His fingers and for some reason it’s in my Journal but it’s never made it beyond that. The rings on His fingers showed His connection with Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces. The gems represented His graces that she mediates, as she showed in her apparition to St. Catherine Labouré in Paris in 1830. I saw the Sacred Heart with flames coming out and the small earth above it. The large earth was not there yet.

Jesus referred to His Image and said, “I will return and tell you what it is to be called.” He did so the next day.

On the following day, Jesus came and what was so sweet about it, I’ll never forget it; He leaned over and said, “I wish this Image to be called…” and then He leaned over and He whispered in my ear “Jesus, King of All Nations.” I can’t impress upon you from one second to the next my mind was blank with absolutely no information or any idea of what He was going to call this Image, and then, all of a sudden, it was in my mind when He said it. It was that quick of a revelation.
His whispering in my ear was an intimate personal touch revealing an intimate God. It was almost like He was saying, “I really am emphasizing that this is what I want.” You know like when you are talking to someone and you get really close, trying to get their attention.

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