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2021 Visitations

St. John Paul II declared a new mission for America. He said“Now is the time of the New Evangelization to lead the People of God in America to cross the threshold of the third millennium with renewed hope. I ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to visit every diocese and parish in AmericaMay she cross this continent bringing it life, sweetness and hope!’”
In answer to his request, the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe crossed our continent through-out 2020 with many Masses and hours of adoration, Rosaries and veneration. Reconciliations, healings, conversions and signs and wonders resulted from these fruitful Visitations.
Remarkably, many abortion centers have closed shortly after Visitations of the Missionary Image. We must continue our work to promote Visitations throughout the country so that more people become aware of the great work of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We especially hope that we will have more volunteer Guardians to host the Missionary Image.
Visitations to 22 Parishes!
Lisa Cooley, Coordinator of the Office of Life and Family for the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, was a Guardian of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the month of January. She sent me the following report of her Visitation:
Thank you for the opportunity to host the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As a new Coordinator of the Office of Life and Family for the Diocese of Providence, I was excited, but a little overwhelmed with the task I was given to bring the Image around the Diocese. I should have known that Our Lady had everything under control as she guided me along the way of a beautiful journey to 22 different parishes and a pregnancy center.
I did not know what to expect, because of Covid, but Our Lady came with a message that everyone wanted and needed to hear at this time. I and many others received many blessings and graces. We had such a wonderful turnout at each place we went. The people were so grateful and comforted to hear her words spoken to St. Juan Diego and now to them. Everywhere I went there was at least one person that came up to me to let me know that Our Lady had answered a prayer or gave them a sign that she was with them and they were there to thank her.
This was our 16th year hosting the Image and this year was especially fruitful.
Our Annual Respect Life Mass at the Cathedral where we had the Image for veneration had the greatest attendance ever. Throughout the Diocese we had more than one person smell roses and at a Latin Mass parish a nurse heard a heartbeat when she put her stethoscope up to the Image. She was overcome with emotion.
One woman, who for the past three years has gone to every location that the Image was at for the month, told me that she finds herself out of work every January so is able to travel around to venerate and spend time with Our Lady and when the month is up, she finds a job. This year was no different. The last week she did just that and donated $250!
This year the Image went to several parishes that had never hosted before and I am already getting requests for next year. I presented the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe to almost all the parishes and I do not consider myself to be a public speaker in any way and I was a bit anxious about doing it, but I found myself speaking clearly and passionately for  Our Lady.
Thank you and God bless your apostolate. I am looking forward to next January!
Why Should You Help Us Promote Visitations?
In his Apostolic Exhortation, The Church in America, St. John Paul II said these prophetic words, “In America, the mestiza face of the Virgin of Guadalupe was from the start a symbol of the inculturation of the Gospel, of which she has been the lodestar and the guide. Through her powerful intercession, the Gospel will penetrate the hearts of the men and women of America and permeate their cultures, transforming them from within.”
This is why we must continue sending the Missionary Image out on Visitations to all the dioceses and parishes of our country, as St. John Paul II requested.
If you would like to learn how to host a Visitation, click here or call our center at (802) 524-5350.
Help Continue Visitations
I know that many charities are asking for your support. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the slow economy and with your own needs, I can certainly understand that you can’t respond to every request for support. At the same time, as in the past, we still depend on your prayers and support and hope that we will be one of the Apostolates that you do support. Thank you for your consideration.
Through our hard-working staff, our Guardian Teams and the Missionary Image, Our Lady of Guadalupe stops abortions, melts and heals hearts, changes lives, and leads us to a sacramental life.  Please help us . . .
  • To continue the Visitations of the Missionary Image.
  • To continue to handle our large volume of mail and phone calls for orders, questions and invitations for Visitations.
  • To form, train and support Guardian Teams to plan and receive Visitations.
  • To distribute free books, brochures, holy cards, Rosaries and Scapulars to those who cannot afford them.
  • To produce and distribute books, audios and videos and to maintain our Internet presence
Our Apostolate lives from hand to mouth with nothing to fall back on except your alms and Divine ProvidenceWe have no professional fund raisers. We have no investments, no CDs and no savings. Like you, we must pay for occupancy and utilities. In addition, we must pay living wages for our employees to help them support themselves and their families. However, God has always provided for us through the intercession of St. Joseph, Our Lady of Guadalupe and your help. I trust that God will continue to provide for our needs through them and through you. We only ask for what we need, spend only for our needs and hope in God to supply them through you. We sincerely thank you for your past help.
Every gift no matter how large or small is appreciated. Our Lady knows how much you’re able to give. Please ask her to guide you. It’s the sacrifice that counts . . . not the dollar amount. Our Lady works miracles with every dollar that we receive.
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